MSV Podcast

Interview: BitsCrunch - Vijay Pravin

November 24, 2023 Morningstar Ventures Season 2 Episode 15
MSV Podcast
Interview: BitsCrunch - Vijay Pravin
Show Notes

Combatting Fraud with AI nad Data

  • Guest: Vijay Pravin, Founder and CEO of BitsCrunch
  • Host: Szabolcs Gergely, Podcast & YouTube Host at Morningstar Ventures

Top 3 Takeaways from Our Guest:

1. bitsCrunch helps clients be compliant with AI as the underlying technology.

To kick off the interview, we asked Vijay why bitsCrunch is an asset to the crypto industry. Vijay highlighted one of the most common but overlooked aspects that slows adoption and institutional integration – Fraud! bitsCrunch, with AI as the underlying technology, offers monitoring and checking transactions and asset authenticity to ensure that users and companies get what they pay. They monitor the market and the transactions and flag any suspicious activities like wash trading to ensure that the price of an asset is not artificially increased and users will get the value they are paying for. 

2. bitsCrunch will offer services for users and companies alike.

Vijay explained that although bitsCrunch services sound like the target customers are companies, users can also benefit from it. In the case of a company, while with their easy-to-integrate API big volume data can be monitored, helping in filtering malicious activities and projecting upcoming trends, dedicated platforms will also be put in place for single users. He mentioned that, for example, the Unleash NFT platform will allow people to check the authenticity of the NFT they want to buy.

3. bitsCrunch will continue to monitor the Metaverse. 

Toward the end of the interview, one of our audience members asked if bitsCrunch would also work in the Metaverse. Although there is no current plan to be in the Metaverse, Vijay stated that, given their product capability along with being an active “investigator” of transactions, markets, and activity, they aim to be present in the Metaverse with a sharp focus on upcoming cross-chain transactions and cross-community game activities of player to provide gaming studios accurate data about their gamers preferences to improve the services they offer.