MSV Podcast

Roundtable: "The Importance of Guilds in the Web3 Ecosystem"

December 11, 2023 Morningstar Ventures Season 2 Episode 16
MSV Podcast
Roundtable: "The Importance of Guilds in the Web3 Ecosystem"
Show Notes


  • Pavel Bains, Executive Producer of MixMob
  • Nico del Pino, Co-Founder of OLA GG
  • Borislav Hrinchev, CEO of MSV.GG

Three Key Takeaways from Our Guests:

1. Guilds have evolved their focus from scholarships to building engaged communities and providing hands-on initiatives.

To start the roundtable, our guests were asked to define a guild in their own words. All our guests agreed that guilds had evolved their focus from scholarships that helped early on adoption within the gaming space to building engaged communities and directly supporting projects through hands-on initiatives. This includes assisting with user acquisition in target regions/demographics, localization of content and marketing, and identifying issues early by facilitating extensive testing and feedback cycles before product launch. Ola GG and MSV.GG, being guilds and working closely with games and other crypto projects, agreed that community, infrastructure, economic support, and distribution were key elements of today’s guilds.

2. Guilds can grant access to expert communities whose skills can aid in go-to-market efforts.

Our guests moved on to talk about the relationship between guilds and games. They stressed that partnering with specialized guilds with expertise in specific regions, languages, or genres enables web3 projects to enhance user acquisition strategies and distribution. This approach proves more effective in reaching niche target audiences than general guilds. Additionally, it grants early access to smaller testing communities associated with these specialized guilds, facilitating the identification of bugs or suggesting improvements before a wider launch. This collaborative effort contributes to an overall improvement in product quality. These engaged guild testing communities' structured and detailed feedback proves invaluable, particularly for early-stage projects.

3. Projects released great alphas and are preparing for more community initiatives.

To end the roundtable, our guests revealed a couple of exciting alphas. MixMob, the game is in a great state, and last week, the team launched their whitepaper paper along with a video. They are also kicking off their “Flip web2” campaign, which aims to garner more attention to the future of web3 and all its benefits. Ola GG introduced its leaderboard and community ranking to track merit and engagement. They will continue to work on Ola GGs on this initiative and more reward programs.

Furthermore, they will travel around Latin America and Spain to meet their community face-to-face and, finally, MSV.GG will be pushing the next recruitment cycle soon. The team will also work closely with Fusionist, BitsCrunch, and Apeiron. You can follow all these initiatives on the project's discords and Twitter channels.