MSV Podcast

Interview: Ta-da - William Simonin

January 22, 2024 Morningstar Ventures
MSV Podcast
Interview: Ta-da - William Simonin
Show Notes

The Secret of Good Data

  • Guest: William Simonin, Founder and CEO of Ta-da
  • Host: Szabolcs Gergely, Podcast & YouTube Host at Morningstar Ventures

Top 3 Takeaways from Our Guest:

1. AI will develop from a “plug-in” to a tool we use in daily life.

To kick off the conversation, we asked William what he expects from AI in the future. William explained that AI is here to stay based on what he has seen in the past 5 to 7 years, along with everything around the 2023 AI boom. Right now, a lot of AI is mainly used as a “plug-in,” but in the future, AI will evolve to accompany us in our daily lives by helping us with chores and ways to make us more productive. This will mainly be fueled by the increase in usage among individuals and larger companies– for that, high-quality data and widespread recognition are needed for AI to reach its highest potential.

2. Ta-da is an application that enables the creation of custom data sets.

Diving deeper into the project, William explains that Ta-da aims to be a one-stop shop for big companies that need quality data. He goes on to share that Ta-da was created because of the expensive and bad-quality data currently on the market. Together with its community, Ta-da can create voice, text, or visual data. The current Beta app uses gamification to crowdsource and gather voice data from various users, which is then stored and authenticated on the blockchain via app users.

3. MultiversX’s strong community and fast transactions fuel Ta-da’s ecosystem.

William shared two reasons when asked why the team chose MultiversX as its underlying ecosystem. Firstly, the MultiversX community is close-knit and highly engaged, vital in any project's development. Secondly, it has fast transactions with low transaction fees. These two factors are pivotal in the future as the Ta-da will require a high output once it’s operational. William also shared that the team is looking into creating their blockchain, a type of L2, to further reduce costs and ensure market competitiveness.