MSV Podcast

Roundtable: "Market Outlook 2024 - Trends & Opportunities"

February 06, 2024 Morningstar Ventures Season 2 Episode 18
MSV Podcast
Roundtable: "Market Outlook 2024 - Trends & Opportunities"
Show Notes


Top 3 Key Takeaways from Our Guests

1. The following crypto cycle could be potentially more significant due to mainstream adoption.

During the roundtable discussion, our guests shared their reactions to the latest news in the cryptocurrency world. They discussed the approval of ETF and the upcoming halving in April. Although predicting the market's movement is complex, the guests agreed that crypto is becoming more accessible and inclusive. This leads to a growing community and an influx of capital, especially in anticipation of the next significant event. 

However, the guests anticipate that the next few months will still be turbulent, particularly regarding the price of Bitcoin. The Federal Reserve rates will continue to have implications for the macro environment and affect the market's movement.

2. Infrastructure and DeFi projects will need seamless integration to host the new influx of users.

We dove deeper into various crypto industries and what our guests thought about the development. Given Gabby’s background in gaming, he says that price adoption and crypto adoption will drive teams to create better products than they had in the previous cycle. With his background in wallets and infrastructure, Emiel added that user experience is vital in gaming, and companies like his need to ensure that wallet integrations are seamless for games to stay competitive. 

Segueing into wallets and infrastructure, Emiel also said that DeFi protocols would be on the sidelines in the upcoming year as the audience changes. DeFi will have to be democratized and made easier to use. The need for multi-chain-friendly tools and improving the user experience will be the way forward in the upcoming cycle. 

3. "This cycle's all-time high will be very different from what we saw in 2021"

In 2024, we can expect to see the growth of various narratives. Our guests all agree that last year, the trend was very much around SocialFi and NFTs. Since October 2023, more people have been talking about EVMs and RWAs, which also reflects the big projects in the market. With this being said and the trends foreseen in the coming months, Sherpa states that he is bullish and sees us reaching an all-time high in 2024/2025. 

However, how we reach an all-time high will be very different from how it happened in 2021. We will see more gradual growth in this cycle than sudden candle spikes. With that, all speakers advise people to continue to research, understand what is happening in the market, and take caution of people’s advice.